Thursday, June 5, 2008

Follies and Eggies

Today has been a crazy day. I had an appointment with the d.i.!.do cam today at 3:15. I had to wait for 2 hours because the doctor had emergency surgery. UGH!

Anyway here are the results:

Right Follie: 22mm
Left Follie: 17mm
Lining: 27mm

Now, if only someone could tell me what this means!

The award of the day goes to my loving wife S.

She had to give me the HCG Trigger shot tonight and did a fabulous job. For those who don't know, she passed out once when I put her earring in her ear. Let's just say someone has a fear of needles. So BRAVO S! I love you!

Tomorrow will be insem day! Everyone cross your fingers for us!

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Cristin said...

good luck getting knocked up!!