Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Is it me, or is this the slowest week ever? I am looking forward to so many things that time is going very slowly. School is out in 6 school days, with one more day for clean up. I am going to the Indigo Girls concert next Friday. And last and most important I am going to find out that I am pregnant! (Positive thinking).

Needless to say, it feels like Friday, but alas, it is only Wednesday.

There is this funny funny clip from the National Spelling Bee

I found this by reading a blog from someone else's blog list (AFRo) click here. Isn't it weird how I "know" all these people, yet I have really no idea where they live or what they look like.

Only 9 more days, no symptoms yet, but it is too early still.


AFRo said...

You're 'posed to say you found it over on AFRo. Thanks for the linky love though. I tracked it back here...

Unknown said...

I pray that Friday brings you your BFP! Please keep me posted okay?

Cristin said...

I'll be checking in tomorrow for the news!
I'd heard about a funny spelling bee clip but didn't see it til now... that was so funny... that kid really handled it well...good stuff.
I've seen the Indigo Girls! They're one of my favts... I think I saw them at the Newport Folk Festival like 20 years ago! Have fun!

AFRo said...

I HEART INDIGO GIRLS!!! Thanks for revising my link. I really do appreciate the love.

I will say a special prayer that you get a positive result on the PT. I hope it turns out the way you're hoping it will.

luckyduck said...

Hey Afro- no problem fixing the link. I am new to all this stuff and am very afraid of not giving someone the proper credit!


Little Miss Hopeful said...

lmao i actually watched the spelling bee when it was on...yes it was a slow night on tv ;) lol