Friday, May 1, 2009

Only 34 days left

Only 43 days left . . .no, not until the babies are born, but until school lets out. I will be glad to say goodbye to these kids because they were so difficult. However, it will be bitter sweet because they really have come along way and act almost human now! Almost all the boys can use the bathroom without climbing on the sinks or peeking under the stalls. (It happened this week.) Baby steps, you know?

Speaking of babies, (and we were, weren't we?) I have posted pictures of my belly growth. I am almost 19 weeks, so into my 5th month now. I have suddenly seen a surge in the size of my stomach! I can hear the heartbeats on those cheap baby heart monitors and can even feel movement every now and again.

The first picture is from just after we got our BFP, at about 6 weeks. I wish I had a picture from earlier before I started IVF meds. My stomach was AWESOME for some reason, but all the hormones started making it bloated. That is the pouchy you see there, not the babies! The second picture is from 17 weeks, almost 2 weeks ago. I think the difference is striking. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

wow, look at the difference in those belly shots! amazing! thanks for sharing! :D

Carrie and MJ said...

We are at 35 days left! Can't wait for the end of the year and for summer to be here! Enjoy the last bit of time with your hoodlums!

tireegal68 said...

Great belly shots - and good luck with the end of the school year - when I saw the title of your post I was like - HOLY S%$T - is she almost ready to deliver that fast?!

J and DZ said...

Awesome belly shots! Thanks for sharing.
Good luck with the last month and a half of school!