Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Went Crazy

So this past month has been very difficult. Some family stuff, but mostly I just went crazy. I was taking Reglan to help boost my milk supply. One of the side effects is depression and anxiety. Well it sure is! I started crying all the time and getting getting anxious about being home alone with the babies. I couldn't figure out how to get the babies off the nursing pillow anymore-- I mean really, I'd been doing it for month! So after I made Stacey come home from work early one day she said, "Hey, maybe your meds are making you crazy." I stopped taking it right then and there. So now I am able to leave the house again, I can be alone again and I am not depressed about breastfeeding anymore.

So if you take Reglan for breastfeeding, just be really aware of your feelings. It snuck up on me all of a sudden and I had a miserable week and a half.

Now for the good stuff


tireegal68 said...

Oh wow that is scary! So glad you figured out what was making you feel so bad! Not fun! The babes are amazing and so cute!

J and D said...

Glad you figured that out and thank you for the warning.
Your LO's are getting big! Too cute!!