Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 months! Wow!

Stacey posting-

Today we went to the ob./g.yn for Jill and it just happens that I have to drop her off and park with the babies in the hospital parking lot. It was so surreal walking with the babies past the lobby that we first entered 7months and 1 day ago to deliver. In a way it doesn't feel possible that 7 months have past and yet... it seems I can't remember life without the babies.

So at 7 months we've hit some milestones....

Isabel- is very chatty and smiley and can sit independently! she's been grabbing her toes for a while now and they are nice companion in her crib. she can put herself to sleep in her crib after playing and has slept 7 hours (I think) without waking. She steals Jack's pacifier even when she has her own and plays a mean game of tugawar with her brother. She may be allergic to bananas, which we discovered since introducing solids, so we won't be having any bananas around here for a bit. She likes fruits the best and vegetables are tolerable for her. We keep trying new foods and we're trying to get her to learn how to self feed cheerios and puffs. Hopefully she'll do that soon so we can eat all at the same time!

Jack- is also very chatty and smiley. He has found his toes and loves to grab them. He is super expressive with his face! We love to watch him try new foods and CHEW the puffs! It's hysterical to watch. He can hold his own in a tugawar with sister and loves to chew on Isabel's hand. He's been known to steal a pacifier or two from Isabel. He really has started noticing Isabel and just today grabbing at her face and smiling. He seems to be a bit more particular about foods and will playfully rasberry the foods out he doesn't like. Right now it's funny... I can imagine it getting old. Speaking of rasberries, he's quite good at them and even does them mid-crying fit. It's pretty funny to listen to.

We both continue to work as teachers and the next two weeks are our respective Spring Breaks. I'm looking forward to the time off and I know Jill is also. Once Spring Break is over it's all down hill for the school year and time will hopefully fly by!


tireegal68 said...

Yeah - what great news! Your little ones are quite the personalities!
I hope you enjoy spring break and that the time till summer break goes fast!

Cristin said...

babies are so much fun. that age too, lethal cuteness. have a nice spring break!