Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adventure People

I had a pretty cool childhood growing up.  Most of it was spent in a tree house in the backyard.  My older sister and I had two good friends who lived down the street, about 6 houses.  We were always at each other's house afterschool, on weekends and all day during the summer.  At our house we played Legos,  wiffle ball, and pretend games on our bikes and in the tree house.

At their house we played with these awesome toys called Adventure People

Safari Set

complete set
wilderness patrol
wild animal safari

This is just one of many sets Fisher Price made.  They were FREAKING AWESOME!  One set had a pop-up trailer tent, one set had a boat and water skis, one set had a SEA PLANE!  It was so much fun.  Our friends had these really cool blocks, really more like 2 X 4s  that were really smooth and all different lengths.  Anyway, we used those blocks to make houses, stores, schools, all kinds of things.  It is one of many fond memories of my childhood. 

So, if you are buying me gifts for any reason, please go to Ebay and buy me Fisher Price Adventure People.  I will play with them until my children are old enough!  I want them

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