Friday, February 25, 2011

18 months

A letter to my babies:

Dear Jack and Isabel,

Today you are 18 months old. My life has changed so much since you were born. I can't remember life before the both of you. Every moment I watch you both I learn and remember that it's the little things that count. Here are some basic info about each of you:

Isabel, you weigh 22 lbs and are 30 in. long, you are in the 25th percentile for height and weight. You can use ASL sign for: more, eat, water, all done, please, strawberry, fish, and milk. You can verbally say "Jack," "dog", "Mama", "Nana" (usually for banana), "Mommy", "car", and "no", and other words she seems to imitate. Isabel you also learned to shrug your shoulders and it's super cute. You've started flashing your beautiful smile and dimple at people you know (and don't know sometimes). You are very smart, you watch something being done once and often imitate that same thing a few minutes later. You LOVE all straps on bags and shoes. You often will put a strap around your arm even if it's a huge grocery bag. You do the same with shoes, carry them around and put them on your feet even if they're huge shoes! You've started screeching when some one you know enters a room or you see something you like. You LOVE Mickey Mouse, Goofy and just recently learned about Disney Princesses and love them (We're still not sure how you learned to like them)! You LOVE music and dancing. Most songs can get you shaking your hips and conducting your arms like an expert musician.

Jack, you weigh 21 lbs and are also 30 in. long. You can use ASL sign for: strawberry, cracker, fish (goldfish), water, pacifier, eat, all done, please, more and milk. You can verbally say "sister", "dog", "Nana" (usually for banana), "Mama", "car", "no", "vroom" and other sounds he imitates too. Most of the time you walk around the house with a huge smile across your face and love to shout while walking around. You also like imitating behaviors seen including when your sister has a temper tantrum, you have also gotten on the ground and laid down with a huge smile on your face while she screams. You also like screaming, especially to wake up your sister if she's still asleep in her crib and you're awake. You LOVE Mickey Mouse and Goofy. You love going on cruises if only for the "all you can eat" strawberries! You LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries and chocolate, esp. ice cream.

These past 18 months have flown by so fast it's hard to remember everything that happened! We returned on Sunday from a 7 day Disney cruise aboard the Disney Wonder to the Mexican Riviera. The trip was a HUGE birthday present for Mama and a family reunion! An awesome time was had by all! Here are a couple pictures from the trip:

We tried on the life jacket to make sure they fit! It did!

Made for cruisin' with Mama on Day 2, Mama's Bday!

Surveying the beach in Cabo San Lucas

I love Snow White

Pirate Night
Family Picture with the favorite character

Hopefully the next post will be sooner than your 2 year old birthday! Until next time!


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