Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some days are just perfect...

This weekend we had the awesome opportunity to visit the local aquarium for free as teachers. We had been to this aquarium before but we were excited to visit with the kids. The nice part about the aquarium is that it's small enough that the kids can walk the whole thing and strollers aren't really necessary. No strollers meant easier access to the tanks and exhibits.

One of the highlights for Jack was definitely the moon jellies and the touch tanks. I think he liked the fluorescent lighting on the jellies and splashing the water was fun in the touch tanks. He had NO desire to touch any of the animals, but Izzy loved touching the things she could. Jack was super funny with the fish, he shouted "fishy" at every tank and waved Hello and Goodbye to every tank. Super cute boy!

After the aquarium we decided to take a walk for lunch and to the light house which coincidentally is where Jill's favorite date was AND where I formally gave her the ring. That area is definitely special to us so it was fun to share that special place with our kids.

It was the absolute perfect way to spend the day with our family of four. I feel so fortunate.

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