Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 25, 2011 - 2 years old!

Mama posting-

I can't believe that I'm writing a post about Jack and Izzy being 2 years old! What an incredible adventure it has been getting to here! I learn so much from both of them every day and I enjoy every single moment that I have with them. It sounds so cliche and possibly impossible, but it's the darn truth. Even in the hardest moments (ie, tantrums, whining, crying, food throwing, toy not sharing....etc.) I find myself loving the moment. It's an interesting change to your marriage when you have kids, I find that my relationship is stronger and better than ever. We communicate more and we share in the joy and love that is our children! I love being a family. Enough gushy stuff?!? I figure I should probably TRY to record some of the major milestones that each child is achieving. I know I'll miss some.

Isabel - weighing about 25lbs (we'll know for sure next Monday) and height about 33inches
Izzy is a super sweet girl! Her emotions are strong and so awesome! She shows the greatest smiles when she's happy and throws the strongest tantrum when she wants her way. She is SUPER independent. She wants to try everything herself! She is talking a lot and imitating lots of single word phrases and two word phrases. She loves doggies, Mickey Mouse, Ariel (as in "The Little Mermaid", trains, baby dolls, reading, giving kisses, giving hugs, snuggling, exploring new places, and music. She dances to my cell phone ring tone. I find it so amusing that I miss many calls! Izzy can jump sometimes and is working on somersaults (forward rolls). She runs if she wants to. She likes playing with bouncy balls and going on the swings. She can be shy to warm up sometimes and other times she loves waving, saying "hi" to people she doesn't know.

Jack - weighing about 25 lbs. (again, we'll know on Monday) and height about 32.5 inches
Jack is a very happy boy. He loves talking. He hangs in his crib when he wakes up and we can hear him chattering. He LOVES trains! He also loves fire trucks and cars. He likes playing tea party, playing with baby dolls and reading. He loves Mickey Mouse, trains, cars, fire trucks, airplanes and his cousin Ryan. He also likes music and sways when he hears a song he likes. He can fill in the blanks on "Little Red Caboose" song from camp. It's super cute! He is a runner! He likes running, side stepping, and can do a forward roll. He also can walk backwards! He loves playing basketball and throwing other bouncy balls. He likes going up and down slides. Jack is shy when he first meets people. He's very easy going and chill. He has a ton of single words and two word phrases.

That's all I can think of! We had their 2nd birthday party on Saturday and it was a hit! The kids understood opening presents and the cake eating was much funnier than their 1st birthday!

Jill (Mommy) is still BF and I think they're healthier because of it! Way to go Jill!

I'll leave with some current photos!

Waiting for their friends to arrive for their birthday party!

Sweet Sibling Love!


Park fun with Mama!


Allison said...

They are adorable! Glad that they both seem to be doing well.

K J and the kids said...

Way to go Jill on the BF.

Unknown said...

Two?!?! Oh my goodness! They are so big! And that kissing picture just melted me.