Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I fixed the malware issues

Not that I update my blog very often, but I fixed the Chrome warning that you would get if you tried to come to my blog.

I had a widget/link I guess that linked to a lesbian website.  I guess they moved over to some other site, and the original one became a malware type site.  Whatever all that means.  So I went over the blog with a fine toothed comb and deleted all the weird things that have popped up in my absence.

Maybe I should post more often!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jack-isms and Izzy-isms

Jack and Izzy say some pretty funny things, now that they are FINALLY verbal!  In the past 12 months, their language has exploded and They.Never.Stop.Talking.  Why were we ever worried??

"I can't like it."  (Usually referring to veggies)

 "See dat?  See dat?"  (Usually referring to some trick involving toy cars, bridges or ramps).

"I have a keshten."  (Usually a bedtime delaying tactic, or the prelude to a LONG story!)

". . . gibberish. . ."  (He still uses quite a bit of gibberish when he is very excited to tell about something.  Real words can be heard in between.)
"Puh-WEEZE!"  (She usually says a very sweet pweeze, but when it is really, really important she busts this out!)

"I said OKAY!"  (When she is being scolded, she says this which loosly translates to "I've already stopped listening to you, now give me what I want.")

"Boo-Boo Kitty" ( Hello Kitty)

That's all I can think of for now, I just didn't want to forget these!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3rd Birthday!

Ahoy me hearties, can you believe?
Jack and Izzy be turnin' three!
We'ave transformed our land into a real pirates lair
And a wee pixie hallow that the fairies will share.

So come and see who in Neverland dwell,
Peter, Hook and aye, Tinkerbell!
On August 25, at 5 o'clock
Ye will find the X that marks the spot!

To keep cars off the driveway

Birthday Girl flies over London as she heads for Neverland, where she will be transformed into Tinkerbell!
Welcome to the Neverland Beach, where pirate clothes, fairy wings, and pixie dust are waiting for the birthday guests!  Tutus, wings and a flower hair clip for the fairies and custom made pants, vest and sash for the pirates.  Add in a pirate hat, eye patch, glitter hair spray and body glitter and you are ready for Neverland!

Table centerpieces: a hand painted treasure chest and pirate ship, pixie sticks in a vase, flowers, piñata and an old lantern. 


Welcome to Pixie Hollow!  Our playhouse was transformed with ivy, fairy dolls, butterflies and potted plants.  Look closely and you'll see Tinkerbell in a trap!

 Tinkerbell's Trap, inspired by Cousin Marissa!

 Mermaid Lagoon: a water table and sand box!

Skull Rock: A scary corner handpainted by Nana!

 Captain Hook's Ship

One of the activities. . . paint your own treasure chest

 The cake!  A pirate ship!!!  (And a small birthday boy-pirate, sneaking a peak!)

 Tinkerbell and Captain Hook!  Getting ready for adventures in Neverland!



 Fairy Friends

 The Piñata!!