Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Calling All Computer Geniuses

How can I change my layout? I want a cool title with an awesome picture. Not like the old one, where you couldn't see the words. I googled layouts and I didn't find any good ones. Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

I hope someone gives you some good advise because I want to change my layout as well.

luckyduck said...

My DW tried to work on it- she knows a little about html. I think that is the ticket- and I don't know anything about html.

Bad Mommy said...

I kinda like your title. You could go to scrapblog.com, make something cute and then save it to your hard drive as .jpg. Then you use that picture as your header instead of a title.

Otherwise, I think people actually PAY for good designs. I'm cheap though.

Hey, good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

try pyzam.com, they have thousands.