Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a week, thank god it is over

The longest two weeks of my life have ended! Unfortunately, not with good news.

I found out yesterday that a close family friend died on Tuesday. I cried for a long time yesterday. I cried for him, of course. And for my dad, his best friend. For me, because I didn't call my parents all week, and if I had, I would have known sooner.

Death throws me into a funk. I obsess about it and worry about it and dream about it. When a co-worker had a miscarriage last year, I stalked the miscarriage message boards of the BBC. I had make a concerted effort to stop lurking there. What the hell is wrong with me?!

So I thought the one thing that would redeem this week would be a BFP. No such luck. We are on to try #8.

The night did end very nicely however. The Indigo Girls concert was fantastic. We had great seats and they put on a terrific show. The opening act was Brandi Carlile. She is super cute and a great singer to boot! The only bummer to the show, was that nobody would stand up around us, so we had to sit for most of the show. IG is a fun concert to stand and dance to, so that was annoying. We did stand for a few songs and Stacey and her BFF Gail, did manage to create enough excitement for some others around us to stand for one song!

I love me some Indigo Girls!

Tomorrow we are headed to Disneyland California Adventures to try out the new Toy Story Ride. We are going to storm the park before it opens and run to the new ride. Wish us luck! Then to beat the heat we are going to go on the River Rafting ride. (I don't remember what it is called). It should be hot enough that we will dry quickly.

Oh and I am officially on SUMMER BREAK for 10 weeks! This is really the best part of being a teacher!


Shelby said...

Sorry about your negative pee stick :(.

Grab a FastPass at Grizzly River Run on your way back to Toy Story Mania. Even if the return time is immediate, it's good for an hour and you'll be glad you did. Our customers have been quoting 2.5 to 3.5 hour standby waits for GRR all week with FastPass distribution running out by noon or 1:00. Same with Splash Mountain if you cross over to Dland.

Cristin said...

I hope #8 is a winner...

I'm obsessed with Brandi Carlile... If I could be any singer/songwriter I'd be her...
she's unbelievably talented and beautiful...

Catherine said...

Jill, I am so sorry about your friend. Those things drive me down hard too. I am sorry about your BFN.