Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wall -E

We went to see the Disney/Pixar movie Wall -E. It was funny, sad, cute, but I didn't really think it was a kid's movie. Now, it didn't have any bad words, it wasn't scary or anything like that. I just think that maybe little kids will not really connect or get it. KWIM? Maybe I am not giving kids the benefit of the doubt? Stace and I felt there was a definite "Green" message about overconsumption and we weren't really expecting that. It was very interesting. Everyone should see it!


bleu said...

Bliss loved it, especially the "friendship" story with Eve and Wall-E (he tends to see it as everyone needing a friend rather than a love story per se). He got the environmental side pretty well on his own though, they really do get so much more than we usually (than I even often) give them credit for.

Glad you liked it.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list. I love animated movies.