Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It Is Official

We got legally married on our 1 year anniversary of our commitment ceremony. We went to the old Orange County Courthouse and had a little ceremony. The marriage room was very cute, with an alter, pew and even heart pillows.

We re-exchanged our rings, and mine had a new upgraded diamond!!

It was a very sweet ceremony and the standard vows were actually very nice. Stacey and I were a little giddy and Stacey even tried to repeat MY vows! The officiant seemed very nice and not a all phased about a gay wedding! So that was very cool!

Our wedding party was very small and intimate. My sister and her 3 kids, my BFF, Connie and her boyfriend Mark, for me and Gail and her girlfriend Autumn, for Stacey. We were missing a few people, but mostly because we got married on a Monday and people had to work!

We went to lunch at a yummy restaurant in downtown Tustin, called Roma D' Italia.
Later that night, Stacey and I hit Disneyland and California Adventure Park. Our good friend Erin was able to join us, since she missed the wedding. It was fun hanging out with her!

At the end of a long and happy day, Stacey and I came home to enjoy our anniversary cake from Rossmoor Pastries. It was the same kind of cake from our wedding last year and it was YUMMY!

What a nice day.


bleu said...

YAY!!! Congrats, that is so awesome!!!

Catherine said...

Congratulations, sounds like a sweet and simple day. Now, you're legal.

Cristin said...


Unknown said...

I'm so late with this, but Congratulations Jill, I'm so happy for the both of you.

Unknown said...
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