Thursday, August 7, 2008

aahh. . . Lake Tahoe

I am right now enjoying myself by being lazy in our cute little travel trailer. Stacey and I have taken a little vacation to Lake Tahoe for 8 days. We brought along our BFF Gail, her dog-Woodie and our own little terrors. . . I mean dogs. My sister and her brood are parked next to us in their trailer next to us.

Tahoe is wonderful. We have ridden bikes, hiked, played in the lake, and lazed around in the forest. This morning was very exciting, because BEARS walked into our camp! A mother bear and her cub meandered through the backside of the camp. Mama then began climbing the fence of the pool! She knocked over the trash can looking for a little snack. Baby just wandered around, trying to figure out how to get to Mama. Eventually, Mama went back over the fence and led baby away over the ridge.

It was very exciting, to say the least. We ran all ran around, putting dogs away, hiding trash and picking up food. My sister and I stayed in the trailer with the kids (2 toddlers and a preschooler). My nephew Ryan and I sat on the trailer steps to watch. Stacey and Gail took pictures and Stacey even got some video. I will post pictures once we get back home. We don't have any connecting cables or disk readers with us.

We were originally going to spend 3 weeks traveling around Northern CA. But we had to cut our vacation short due to my Thyroid surgery. We will leave Tahoe tomorrow morning and arrive home about 10 hours later. Saturday morning, at an ungodly hour, I will be heading out for my surgery. Then maybe two weeks later, we will be planning on our next babymaking adventure.


Anonymous said...

"we" did not run around and help clean up food. I (Stacey) ran to take pictures... :) Always the smart one!

Catherine said...

Jill, best of luck with your surgery. I am thinking of you. Update when you can.

luckyduck said...

Thanks Catherine! Give Robbie a hug for me. I miss my little nephew and nieces and I am in little kid hug withdrawl!