Monday, September 29, 2008

The Trials and Tribulations of Getting Knocked Up

Two weeks ago, our ultrasound indicated that ovulation would occur over this weekend. Which is great, since the office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. So we arranged to have the pre-trigger ultrasound on Sat at their other office. I had one nice big fat follie on the left. I had lots of little ones all over the place on both sides. So the Doc tells me to trigger at 8:30 on Sat night and insem on Monday a.m. Stacey gave me the HCG trigger shot and did an awesome job, by the way. Sunday rolls around and whatever ovulation signs a person could have. . . I had them. I was almost afraid to sit next to any males . . . anyway lets just say I had textbook signs of ovulation.

What this means, is I was really concerned we missed the window. So we head to the fertitly clinic early, to hopefully get the show on the road a little sooner. So we sit there, and sit there, and once it is passed our original appointment time, we are getting a little concerned. I go to the counter and I am like. . . dude, what is up. My fertilty window is seriously getting smaller and a smaller by the minute. It turns out the embryologist was never scheduled and so they are waiting for one to return the messages they have been leaving and show up.

So now I am pissed. Stacey and I both have someone covering for our classes, so we really can't be waiting around all day for someone to come and thaw our goodies. We yell, politely of course, at two nurses and the secretary. Those poor souls!

We eventually get seen, an hour after our appt time. My favorite of the docs is mine today and he offers to do an ultrasound and see what is going on. My follicle was still there! Which as he says is not good or bad. But for me. . . I really want to believe it is good.

Anyway after he warms up the speculum ( see why he is my favorite) and gets started, he says to Stacey, "Come here, you should be the one to get her pregnant." Stacey of course, turns 15 shades of red, but is a willing participant. The nurse thought it was really sweet and Stacey did an awesome job.

So now I am knocked up, (until proven otherwise). Send methe baby dust!


bleu said...

Sending lots and lots of love your way.

Anonymous said...

Jill - Gail just sent me your blog address, and I am hooked! ;) I still have the fetus cookie, and we will certainly nuzzle it tonight for luck.

luckyduck said...

Thanks for the love Auty and Bleu

Unknown said...

I'm blowing all the baby dust I can your way.

Since Kenya knocked me up, I think that the same will happen to you.