Sunday, October 19, 2008

No on 8

We went to a backyard wedding today. It was a surprise to us, because T, said she would never get married. Her partner L, wanted to get married, but was willing to be patient.

So on Wednesday, I guess, T decided she was ready. And when she is ready, she is ready. So they got married today! Stacey happened to check a random email account on Saturday morning, and found the Evite.

It was really nice. They invited just a few people, had it in their backyard and BBQ'd afterward. We spent a lot of the time talking about the initiative that bans same sex marriages in Cal. That got me thinking that I need to put something about No on 8 on this here blog.

This is just my little attempt to get the word out. I have a feeling I am preaching to the choir with my little readership, but just . . . in . . . case. . . . we all deserve the right to be free to marry our love.

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John Bisceglia said...

I sincerely hope PROP 8 fails miserably.

BUT - if it DOES passes, is everyone prepared to spend another ba-zillion dollars on PR and possibly wait 20-30 years to "win" equality in CA?

AND - if it does NOT pass, which state will we focus on next so we can spend another ba-zillion dollars to purchase civil rights?

I know I am virtually alone here (except for Charles Merrill and his partner), but I think all of you are insane. Truly step away from writing-on-the-wall-with-your-feces crazy.

Because if ALL of us truly believed we WERE equal, we would not be so patient as tax-payers and U.S. citizens. We'd simply KNOW we ARE equal, and refuse to pay into a system that not only denies our familes civil marriage but doesn't even acknowledge our existence (wait for the 2010 census).

I'm 43, and I will NOT wait until I'm 73 for fair and equal treatment. It's OK for the country at large to be ignorant, bigoted, mid-guided, and mid-informed. But that's not my fault. So until people GROW UP and show my family the same "civil" respect heterosexually-identified families are given, I owe this country and the IRS nothing.

How many times do I need to say this?