Friday, October 24, 2008

We Would have Preferred a Bee Hive

Life has been very interesting the last few days. Stacey came down with a batch of hives on Tuesday morning. We headed out to Urgent Care because she was getting uncomfortable. On Wednesday, her Primary Care doctor wants to see her. On Thursday, we head to the ER. On Friday, her doctor calls back with her blood results and her white blood count is DOUBLE. So with those results, we head back to the ER and she finally gets admitted. As the days progressed, so did her hives. They ranged in size from quarter size to softball size. Ugg. So gross. They ended up all over her body, in her scalp, eyes, toes, behind her knees and between her thighs. Yuck! She was so itchy that it hurt. She swelled up so big, that we had to cut off one of her rings!

The doctors were at a loss to figure out what the hell has been going on. . . allergy? infection? immunological disorder? So the poor itchy girl was poked and prodded for the past 4 days. She is finally feeling better. The doctors are pretty sure it was an allergy reaction to a medication she had been taking. They have pumped her through with Predisone, Benadryll and even a epinephrine shot. Between the steroids and the allergy reaction her lips looked like collagen gone wrong! She is starting to get back to normal. The hives are disappearing and the swelling is going down. She will hopefully come home tomorrow because the house just isn't the same without her. (Not that I have been home much!)

So even though she is allergic to bees, the next hive I want to see better be filled with honey!


Catherine said...

OMG, I hope she is better soon. How awful and worrisome!

Cristin said...

Oh no! That's sounds awful! Hope she's all better!