Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Slow News Day

Today in Southern California, rain has been predicted. It was supposed to arrive yesterday afternoon, but it turned out to be another beautiful day in Sunny CA.

I love weather people. You know how we all laugh at the poor reporter standing in a monsoon, describing just how wet it is outside? Well, this morning, the anchor "went to Reporter in Woodland Hills" to discuss the second storm of the century. Here is the brilliance of her reporting skills. Here is the hard ball story we have been all waiting for: "I am here at a gas station in Woodland Hills. No sign of rain yet." Thanks for the update, genius.

I guess President Obama is old news, now.

Here is breaking news, however. Can you guess what time the rain did finally arrive? If you guessed just as recess is starting, you must be a teacher! Ugg, inside recess. Fun for kids, headache for me.

Oh, well. I get a chance to blog at school :)


Carrie and MJ said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Indoor recess is the worst. We also have to contend with the cold and if it is less than 20 degrees, we have indoor recess as well. That happened 3 times just last week!

Cristin said...

I love that you're sneaking a blog post in during recess....