Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our 1st Mother's Day--- Stacey posting (Mama)

Today marks 8 months and 2 weeks that we've been Mommy and Mama. What a wonderful journey! Every day we learn something new about being Mommy and Mama and every day we fall in love with them again and again.

For me, the babies serve as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have Jill as my partner in life. She is the most wonderful mommy to the kids and the most wonderful wife to me. We share a love that no words can describe. (enough mushy stuff)

On to milestones:

Isabel- has 2 teeth, sits independently for long periods of time, loves talking, loves smiling, does the cutest head nestling maneuver onto peoples' chests, is an independent eater, prefers to feed herself, will scoot backwards sometimes when placed on her knees and hands, claps, steals her brother's pacifier, raises her arms to be picked up, loves the sign "all done," loves dogs, loves people, loves being held and is a happy girl!

Jack- is very verbal especially in the mornings, he sits independently for as long as he wants, he prefers to lie on his back and eat his hands feet toes...., is quick to smile, loves music, loves the sign "all done," loves to steal his sister pacifier EVEN if he has his own, loves to steal his sisters toys EVEN if he has his own, rolls over from back to front to front to back and moves that way, has awesome red hair, doesn't want to miss a single moment so is awake a lot during the day, raises his arms super high to be picked up, loves being held and is a happy boy!

There are only 27 school days left until we are home for the summer with the kids! So excited to get to spend almost 3 months with them traveling, camping and just being a family!

I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone that reads this enjoys Mother's Day doing what they enjoy doing most! Here's a few pictures:

8 months

Jack Man at the Outlets in Camarillo

Izzy Girl @ Aunt Connie's

8 month Target Photo- Jack

8 month Target Photo- Isabel

Opening Day @ Angel Stadium - The kids 1st game (of many!)


Anonymous said...

You both are truly lucky! This goes for the mommy and mama and for Jack and Izzy. They are lucky to have the two of you. The two of you are lucky to have them. What a beautiful family. I hope people that see the four of you together realize that your family deserves to be treated like any other family. We need to hang out soon. I need baby time because I won't be getting any grandkids any time soon. Thank you for sharing!


tireegal68 said...

What a lovely post! The babies are adorable! You all are adorable! Sounds like your summer is going to be such fun!!! Happy Mommy and Mamas day!

shea said...

frequent reader here. it indeed was a lovely post! the twins are just beautiful kids. happy belated mothers day to you both!

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Sooooo CUTE! My wife loves the Angels photo! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

I'm jealous you are both teachers!

tulpen said...

You guys are all too friggin cute.

Babies signing is the CUTEST isn't it?

Also jealous that you get the summer off...