Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventures of the Lucky Ducks- Summer 2010 Edition

We started off the summer with a big bang. A few days after the school year ended we headed out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 7 days. We had an amazing time. The babies did great on the airplane and just rolled with the new experience. They LOVED the warm water of the pool, but the ocean was just a little to rough for them. We were all sad to leave!

Here's a picture of the kids on the plane!

Here's Izzy in the pool! She LOVED just laying on the shallow platforms!

We spent most of our time in the pool! Here's a family picture!

Once home, we spent a few days recovering from that vacation and preparing for the next big adventure- 3 weeks in our travel trailer. We headed off for Yosemite National Forest with my sister, her husband and 3 kids, my parents for 7 days of dry camping. We arrived at our campgrounds early and we able to secure 3 spots next to each other. The grand kids loved having Nana and Poppa so close. It was really nice being so close to my family! Yosemite was so beautiful. We went on some great hikes and saw some amazing sights. The nights were very cold for the Luckyducks, as our trailer is a hybrid with tents for beds. We ended up closing up the trailer and sleeping on the floor.

Here's a picture of the trailer with the tents out!

Here's Mama with the kids at Yosemite Falls

Here's all the cousins at Lower Yosemite Falls! Izzy LOVED being in the ice cold water!

We said goodbye to my family and continued our trip up north. We visited Stacey’s Aunt Nora, Uncle Steve and Cousin Jesse in Chico. The weather was great and the babies loved meeting more of their family. We all enjoyed being together again.

A few days later we headed south towards the Bay Area. We stopped in Bolinas, a quaint town just north of SF. I spent many summers with my Uncle Ken and Aunt Sarah exploring nature and being generally outdoorsy! Ellie the dog absolutely loved being out in nature. She sniffed everything in sight, went on hikes and even took a little dip in the creek! Isabel and Jack got a chance to ride a horse, play in the sand and play with the Golden Retrievers that live there. Isabel fell in love with Bella the dog and I am pretty sure she tried to pack her in the trailer!

While in Bolinas, we got a chance to visit with some friends and family. We saw the beautiful Muir Woods and the redwood trees, gorgeous beaches and lagoons.

Here's a family picture on a walk down to "town".

Izzy and Uncle Ken having a chat about the sand

The kids found a bear their own size in Muir Woods

The trip continued with a stop in Monterey. We had a great time at the aquarium and the walk down Cannery row.

The aquarium has a cool Baby Splash zone where babies under 24 inches can play. We gave the kids a stroller break and let them stretch their legs. As you can see in the picture, the area had tanks at baby eye view! Pretty Cool!

Our last stop in this trip was in Solvang. Nana took a train to meet us and we spent a few days exploring the town. The weather was beautiful and our campsite was very comfortable. We played in the playground and went swimming. We even visited the old Mission in town.

This picture caused a lot of stares on the streets of Solvang. Jack LOVED sitting in the shoe!

The RV park had swings that Izzy enjoyed!

Once back home, we had one more trip left . . . .to Las Vegas with Grandma and Grandpa and their Henderson home. We got to visit with cousins, swim at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and eat yummy buffet!

Now that we are home we are getting ready for the babies FIRST BIRTHDAY the upcoming school year. Whew, what a summer!

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anofferingoflove said...

wow, such fun adventures! looks like the babies had a blast! i cant believe how big they are getting!