Friday, September 9, 2011

More Bento!

Wednesday and Friday lunches are here. . . It isn't easy to make lunch for two picky toddlers.  The Bento concept is pretty cool and keeps it fun for me.  We'll see for how long!  One benefit is that Stacey and I get lunches made too!

Cup of strawberries and grapes
Quesadilla pieces
Half a salty pretzel
Half a cheese stick

All that came back were a couple of bites of quesadilla and 1/2 a pretzel.

Today's (Friday)  Lunch:

Turkey rolls
Rasberries, blackberries and grapes
Pita Chips
Yogurt for Izzy (Extra Turkey for Jack Jack)


anofferingoflove said...

*love* these posts! they look so yummy!! :D

Unknown said...

Great lunches! I get stuck in lunch ruts all the time and I love seeing what others do - especially for toddlers.