Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing new Bento

I'd post a picture of our last few bento lunches, but they are basically the same!  I have picky eaters.  Every lunch has yogurt, fruit a piece of meat and maybe some cheese.  Not Kosher -like (and it should be, technically), but I think it covers all the main parts of a meal.   Oh yeah, and a piece of bread or pita chip too.

Here is today's lunch
It's not very interesting anymore.  I'll post again if the lunch changes again. . . otherwise consider this picture the picture for every Monday, Wednesday, Friday!!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you still posted even if it feels boring. I get stuck with lunch - and he's not even that picky of an eater. I just get stuck in a rut - and I really like seeing what others do, even if it's just tweaks of the same basic idea.